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Saturday, September 8, 2012

How to update firmware on N900

When you buy a new cell phones, usually, from time to time, you will get firmware updates from the manufacturers. This is the case with Nokia N900. But these updates will not install by themselves. You need to follow certain steps in order to get your phone up to date. You can always check your current firmware version in "About Product" menu. The following video will demonstrate all the steps you need to follow in order to update firmware on N900. Remember to backup all the data of your N900 phone before updating the firwmare.

Over the Air update:
  • Before updating, make sure the battery is full and the device is connected to a power source
  • The N900 firmware update can be made in the Device Manager (remember that N900 firmware is called "Maemo 5"), select Options then Check for updates
  • After downloading the update, the N900 will restart and install the new N900 firmware (it can take up to two minutes)

Update the firmware via Windows PC:
  • In order to update N900 firmware via Windows PC you need to have installed the Nokia Software Updater.
  • Connect the N900 to your PC, open the Software Updater app and follow the instructions
How to update firmware on N900 via a Mac:
  • Download the 770Flasher tool
  • Find and download the latest N900 firmware image
  • Power off the N900
  • Use the USB cable to connect the phone to your computer
  • Start the 770Flasher app and drag the image firmare to the app (if you get an error, ignore it)
  • Power on the phone and the firmware update will start automatically
  • When the device updated and the N900 desktop reappears, it is safe to disconnect the phone


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